Timothy Nicothodes

Metro Officer Never Made it to Shotgun Willies….

But At Least He Was Able to Take  a Leak In Public

In the Spring of 2010 Metro Detective Timothy Nicothodes was on vacation in Montana.  But the Montana peaks Nicothodes was intent on seeing,

Las Vegas Metro Detective Nicothodes

were not part of the Montana Wilderness, but were found on the stage of a little joint called Shotgun Wille’s, That was the Metro detective’s destination in May 26th,  when he ultimately crashed his 2002 Chevrolet Silverado pickup into the back of a 2009 Ford Focus on a two-lane roadway in Yellowstone County.  Authorities in Montana say he was going about 98 mph and evidence indicated he did not brake. According to the report, the detective had a blood-alcohol content between 0.192 percent and 0.219 percent. The legal limit in Montana is 0.08 percent. Both vehicles rolled into the Montana night.

Two people in the Focus were diagnosed with soft-tissue damage and had cuts and bruises, but their injuries were non life-threatening, the report said. Nicothodes, who was not wearing a seat belt and was thrown from the truck, was in critical condition at the time. He since has recovered.

When Police contacted the parents on occupants of the Focus, it turned out they knew Nicothodes and had been with him in a bar that night, the report said.

They told police they saw him drinking “significant” amounts of alcohol as they had dinner together, including many shots and mixed drinks.

Nicothodes later asked them whether they would go to the Laurel strip club, Shotgun Willie’s with him, but they declined, police said. One saw him urinating in the parking lot before he left the bar, the report said.

Nicothodes was hired by the Metropolitan Police Department in 1999 and  is married to Deputy Chief Kathy O’Connor, chief of staff to Sheriff Douglas Gillespie according to the Las Vegas Review Journal.

In 2007, Nicothodes, working as a patrol officer, shot and killed burglary suspect Joseph M. Justin after Justin pointed a gun at the officer’s partner

Nicothodes was placed on unpaid leave when felony charges were filed against him in Montana. It was expected that Metro would terminate Nicothodes once his plea was accepted and he is sentenced in July, 2012, however, Nicothodes was able to negotiate a secret deal with Metro where the disgraced detective was able to secure a medical retirement.

In 2010 taxpayers paid Nicothodes $136,497.35 and an additional $88,186.71 was paid by taxpayers in 2011.

UPDATE: Nicothodes was arrested in late 2015 in Colorado  and charged with  Assault In The Third Degree, Harassment,  and Domestic Violence.



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  2. Person information
    First Name TIMOTHY
    Last Name NICOTHODES
    Gender Unknown
    Age at Arrest 50
    Year of Birth 1965
    Height 511
    Weight 194
    Eye Color BRO
    Hair Color BRO
    Description: ASSAULT IN THE THIRD
    Description: DOMESTIC VIOLENCE –
    Description: DOMESTIC VIOLENCE
    Description: HARASSMENT

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