Thomas Mendiola

Days After He Helped Gun Down Erik Scott

for legaly carrying a firearm


LVMPD Officer Arms a Known Felon

Former Metro police officer Thomas Mendiola testifies at the Erik Scott Inquest.

Thomas Mendiola, one of the Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department officers who shot and killed Erik Scott outside the Summerlin Costco in July 2010, pleaded guilty to a gross misdemeanor charge of conspiring to dispose of a firearm to a prohibited person. District Judge Douglas Herndon accepted the plea and fined Mendiola $2,000.

Mendiola, 35, had been facing a more serious felony charge of unlawfully giving a handgun to a two-time felon, but reached the plea agreement days before standing trial. Mendiola’s lawyer said the plea enabled his client to finally leave Las Vegas where he along with Officers William Mosher, Joshua Stark gained instant notoriety when the shot and killed West Point Grad Erik Scott as he left the Summerlin Costco in July of 2010. although he had broken no laws a Costco employee saw the gun Scott was carrying, Scott and his girlfriend were leaving the store when confronted by the officers who claim Scott drew his weapon, forcing them to fire.

A coroner’s inquest found that Mendiola and two other officers were justified in Scott’s shooting.

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