John Norman

In February, 2012, John Norman, a three-year veteran of the Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department was arrested on felony charges of coercion and oppression under the color of office and misdemeanor open or gross lewdness.

John Norman, LVMPD

These charges stem from allegations by two woman who claim Norman forced them, on separate occasions, to expose their breasts. One of the women also alleges he groped her breasts as well

After Norman’s arrest was made public, two other women came forward accusing  Norman of misconduct during similar traffic stops.

Assistant Sheriff Ray Flynn says the new allegations didn’t meet the standard to warrant criminal charges, but were investigated by detectives to determine if Norman had broken internal regulations along the lines of conduct unbecoming of an officer. Before that investigation was concluded, Norman resigned from the LVMPD.

In January, 2012, calling him a “sexual predator with a badge,” Judge Abbi Silver sentenced Norman to jail for two years in Jail.

In 2011 Norman was paid $104,419.15 in total pay and benefits.

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