Jeff Bott (feat. Brett Seekatz)

Jeff and Niki Bott were in the midst of a divorce when Jeff, a Henderson police officer, seems to have used his position with the department unduly influence custody dealings. Bott attempted to have a statement from fellow HPD Sgt. Wade Seekatz entered into evidence despite knowing that Seekatz’s report was a complete fabrication.

The incident occurre around the same time Seekatz was captured on video repeatedly kicking an ill motorist in the heard.

Niki Bott says that shortly after her husband came to pick up their daughter multiple officers, including Seekatz, arrived at her home. Although she did not call police said she told one officer she believed her estranged husband may have been drinking. The officers, an unconventional mix of both on-duty and off-duty police — assured her Jeff Bott wasn’t drunk, the daughter went home with her father.

It wasn’t until the Botts were in Family Court trying to settle custody issues involving their daughter that the young mother found out what her husband and his buddies had  been up to. Bott says it caught her completely off guard when husband’s lawyer produced an incident report written by Seekatz, in which the officer said she appeared to be under the influence of opiates.  Seekatz, details how Bott’s eyes were bloodshot and appeared to move slowly and deliberately.

Although Bott denies every speaking with Seekatz that evening, his stated in the report, “While speaking with Nicole, I observed that she had an unsteady gait.”

Seekatz claimed that through “training and experience I know the aforementioned symptoms to be caused by being under the influence of a central nervous system depressant,…. I felt that she was under the influence of an opiate.”

Nikki Bott steadfastly denies using opiates or any other drug and has the results of both a hair test to back her up. The test results were negative for multiple drugs, including amphetamines, cocaine, opiates, and THC.

Despite being laden with inaccuracies, Jeff Bott tried to get the incident report admitted as evidence in ordern to sway the judge. The judge did not consider the request and currently the couple share custody of their daughter.

Both Seekatz and Bott are still empoyed by the HPD. In 2010 Seekatz was paid $109,460.30 and Bott was paid $103,242.70.

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