Derek Colling

In Less Than Six Years with Metro

“The Most Dangerous Cop in America” Had Two Kills

Was Caught on Video Assaulting an Unarmed Citizen.


An altar for Robbie Ramirez. Credit T. Watson / Wyoming Public Radio

UPDATE: It seems Derek  Colling has killed again, shooting an unarmed man in Albany County, Wyoming. According to Wyoming Public Media’s Tennessee Watson, the body cam footage, released by The Albany County Sheriff’s Department “cuts off before Colling fired the fatal shots.”

Dubbed “THE MOST DANGEROUS COP IN AMERICA,” by CopBlock, Derek Colling managed to kill two citizens and assault and falsely arrest a third. Two of these incidents have been captured on video and even when viewed in the very best of light they show Colling is prone to making bad decisions, is confrontational, reckless and dishonest.

In 2006, he and four other officers shot Shawn Jacob Collins after the 43-year-old man pulled a gun at an east valley gas station. The shooting was ruled justified following a coroner’s inquest.

Shooting of Tanner Chamberlain caught on video.

Then in 2009 Colling was the lone officer to fire in the fatal shooting of 15-year-old Tanner Chamberlain. The incident was captured on video. Chamberlain appears more scared than dangerous as he hides behind his mother as officer approach, weapons drawn. Chamberlain’s life ended when he stumbled, releasing his mother and giving Colling a clean shot. Even though the boy’s stumble forced him to release his grasp on his mother freeing her from danger, Colling took the shot while four other officers and Chamberlain’s mother watched in shock.

Wayne Peterson, a former Las Vegas police homicide lieutenant, said he would not have pulled the trigger on the mentally ill teenager, even though he had been holding a knife in front of his mother just before Colling shooting him in the head. “I couldn’t live with myself,” Peterson said of the thought of taking the troubled boy’s life.

The Chamberlain shootings was also ruled justified by a Clark County coroner’s inquest jury.

Former LVMPD officer Derek Colling  and his last victim, Mitchell Crooks (insert).

Then in April, 2010 Colling made national headlines when the video above was released showing Colling arresting Las Vegas resident Mitchell Crooks. Crooks, a freelance videographer, was taping the arrest of several juveniles for suspect burglary on his cul-de-sac. Suddenly, officer Colling stopped his cruiser in front of Crooks home, and began to question a man standing in his front yard, breaking no laws. What happened next was captured on video tape, which, after being released to the media, resulted in Colling’s paid suspension. An internal investigation determined that Crooks’ complaint about Colling’s use of excessive force was sustained. Colling was found guilty of violating several other department policies and was terminated in December of 2011, but not before costing taxpayers nearly $108,336 in total pay & benefits while he sat home on paid suspension.. His attempt to have his termination over-turned was rejected by  Metro’s Civil Service Board.

Colling was hired by the Albany County Sheriff’s Office in Wyoming as a corrections officer shortly after being terminated by the LVMPD. His recent promotion to deputy was defended by Albany County Sheriff Dave O’Malley, who admits he has made it a point not to watch the video of Colling assaulting Crooks.

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20 thoughts on “Derek Colling

    • Wyoming hires a ton of bad cops. I went to school in Laramie and did internships in Sheridan, Rawlins, and cheyenne. Every wyo cop is sketchy and racist as fuck. Its not a surprise a Wyoming PD hired a killer.

  1. Albany Count Sheriff Dave O’Mally quietly hired bad cop Derek Colling because Laramie is Colling’s hometown. Of course there is no bias with that decision. lol

    This has to be the epitome of cops protecting bad cops. When asked why he is defending his decision to hire bad cop Derek Colling, Sheriff Dave O’Malley actually said, “If you’ve got a guy (in a big city) who’s been in two or three things that are high profile, you know, maybe it’s just easier to get rid of him” and I know how civil litigation is and I’ve seen officers in the past who were in situations where they were purely in the right.”

    That means O’Malley is totally disregarding Colling’s history of excessive force, misconduct, assault, illegal arrest and violation of a totally innocent citizen’s civil rights who was simply (and legally) video-taping. Colling should have been arrested, prosecuted and imprisoned for his crimes. And yet LVMP did not even blacklist him so that Wyoming could hire him.

    O’Mally should be pressured to get rid of bad cop Colling or face a recall election.

    • Derek Colling has done it again in Laramie Wyoming on November 4, 2018. This is appalling, and I am shocked that this man was hired! I hope real justice will be served this time!!!

    • Like priests protecting priests… harming the innocent just gets you transferred. If you get fired from being a Bad police officer in one place you shouldn’t be allowed to police another. So what isn’t good enough for Las Vegas is good enough for Laramie. That’s bullshit this guy should hang. He’s killed two mentally disabled citizens. This guy has a problem and he beat up and innocent civilian. If you listen to the video he sounds like he is above reproach and it looks like he’s felt that way for a long time just listen to his own words . “He brings the hurt”

  2. The arrogance of ( some ) American Police Officers is shocking. Worst still is the absolute CORRUPTION with which these errant Officers are dealt with.

  3. He’s back at the killing again, sad. Killing a guy he knew from high school who had a mental handicap that he knew about.

    • Wyoming hires a ton of bad cops. I went to school in Laramie and did internships in Sheridan, Rawlins, and cheyenne. Every wyo cop is sketchy and racist as fuck. Its not a surprise a Wyoming PD hired a killer.

  4. And now Colling has killed one of our classmates Robbie Ramirez, whom he was aware was diagnoised with schizophrenia and was unarmed! Apparently Sheriff O’Malley (Albany County, WYOMING) defended hiring this piece of shit 😦

  5. That was totally illegal by the police officer Colling. he should be in prison. Totally disgusting and now he has killed again! Unbelievable

  6. Hi, I’m Matt, from Solidarity House Cooperative, a media production company in Laramie, Wyoming. We thought you might be interested in our recent podcast episode about Derek Colling, the killer cop fired in Vegas who came home to Wyoming to kill again–and about Robbie Ramirez, Colling’s victim.

    Here’s the episode:

    Happy to answer questions or communicate with you about future collaboration.

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