David Denton

Las Vegas Metro Police Department undercover officer Dave Denton was arrested in Henderson after he high-centered his vehicle on the center median of Green Valley Pkwy on November 29th 2010.

Denton, who was on-duty at time, was apparently unaware that his car was stuck and was smoking his tires when Henderson police arrived just after midnight. Denton failed several field sobriety tests, including a preliminary breath test that registered a 0.178 percent blood-alcohol content, more than twice the legal limit of 0.08 percent, according to a police report.

HPD states Denton became belligerent once he was taken to the Henderson Detention Center, demanding special treatment due to his “10 years on the job.” The nurse who drew Denton’s blood, which came back with a blood-alcohol content more than twice the legal limit, stated the irate drunk cursed her out through the entire procedure.

Denton’s case has been mysteriously missing from local court records, so no information as to the adjudication of his case is available.

Denton remained employed with Metro until early 2106 when he received his second DUI while on duty. The cost to taxpayers to keep an armed alcoholic  in a Metro uniform after his first arrest was more than $840,000.

3 thoughts on “David Denton

  1. Denton is no longer employed by Metro, He was fired in Jan 2016 after gettin his SECOND on-duty DUI. He should of had 3 DUIs but they let him go on that one. Also Denton was involved in a shooting in 2012 where he and his partner Ofc Snodgrass were so drunk that they fired 21 rounds at the victim and then they gave false or innaccurate statements to detectives to cover up being drunk. But Metro even rewarded them with the Medal of Valor for the incident.

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