Brad Gallup and Jake Grunwald

After telling dispatch they had arrived at the Clark County Regional Justice Center to testify in a criminal case,  Brad Gallup and Jake Grunwald decided to take a joyride in a publicly owned patrol car. Were if not for a twist of fate the two officers’ decision to shirk their responsibility and steal  a police car would have remained their dirty little secret.

But the two jug heads could not resist the temptation to put the cruiser to the test and, unfortunately for them, they caught the attention of  Mohave County AZ Sheriff Tom Sheahan. The two were pulled over just outside Dolan, Springs AZ for going more than 20/mph over the posted speed limit on the road to the Grand Canyon Skywalk, a popular honeymoon destination for newly married same-sex couples.

Gallup and Grunwald were “punished” with a five month paid vacation followed by the loss of one week’s pay. There has been no confirmation  to the rumors the two spent part of that five month vacation visiting Key West.

Brad Gallup, who joined the force in  2005 was paid $110,764.30 in total pay and benefits in 2012.

Jake Grunwald who joined Metro in 2006 was paid $102,261.70 in total pay and benefits in 2012..

1 thought on “Brad Gallup and Jake Grunwald

  1. and Gillespie’s MAFIA fired a supervisor with 21 years on the dept for crossing the street…and he fired another officer for trying to go to lunch…but he was ‘lynched’ by a hate filled black sergeant

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