David Goris (feat. Bryan Yant)

When David Goris swears

to tell the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth…

…he doesn’t expect you to believe him.

Officer David Goris was with Detective Bryan Yant in January, 2010 when they say they took a confidential informant to buy drugs from suspected drug dealer, Willian Sigler. Goris and Yant both, while under oath, swore they witnessed the C.I make a drug buy from William Sigler. They made this assertion in hopes of getting a warrant to search Sigler’s home. The problem was Goris and Yant were lying. There was no record of a drug buy logged in with the narcotics department. There was no record, because there was no drug buy. There was no drug buy because Sigler had been dealing cards in a poker tournament in the Bahamas the entire month. The information Goris and Yant used to procure a warrant to search Sigler’s home was at best wholly inaccurate, in other words,  a lie.

Neither Goris nor Yant were disciplined for this violation of the public’s trust, Although Yant was moved to a desk position after he killed Trevon Cole serving a search warrant based an Yant’s misrepresentation of Cole’s criminal background. That incident cost taxpayers $1.7 million.

Goris’ Employment, at last check, cost taxpayers $108,600.32

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