The LVMPD Gets Some National Exposure, But Not In a Good Way

The Killing of Trevon Cole by

LVMPD Detective Bryan Yant is

Today’s “Raid of The Day

Rise of the Warrior CopRadley Balko, senior writer and investigative reporter for the Huffington Post, has extensively covered the erosion of our civil liberties at the hands of an increasingly oppressive criminal justice system. He is currently wrapping up work on his new book “Rise of the Warrior Cop: The Militarization of America’s Police Forces.” 

As a prelude to the book’s publication, Balko has been featuring incidents of deadly police aggression he researched for the forthcoming book. Today, Balko took a look at the 2010 killing of Trevon Cole, by Metro’s most famous perjurer, Bryan Yant.

LVMPD's Bryan Yant

LVMPD’s Bryan Yant

Due out in July, but currently available for pre-order, Rise of the Warrior Cop, will take a look at how the implementation of SWAT teams by both the Philadelphia and Los Angeles police departments marked the beginning of a deadly movement by America’s law enforcement away from the friendly public servants of the 1950s to the cops of today who have increasingly come to resemble ground troops who no longer see the American home as the sanctuary our forefathers envisioned, and no longer see themselves in partnership with the community but been conditioned to see the citizens they serve as nothing more than the enemy. The type of police force we saw going door-to-door in Boston in  full combat gear searching homes without a warrant.

America Under Fire — The NY Times Misleads Readers

Despite a 50% Drop in Officer Deaths,

The New York Times tells its readers,

Even as Violent Crime Falls, Killing of Officers Rises

 Just this weekend we told you how the number of police deaths in America were down 50%. We noted that when officer deaths were up just over 20% this time last year, Attorney General Eric Holder, and nearly every media outlet told us that those numbers told us that police officers were under siege. But when the number of officer deaths dropped drastically, they media was silent,

New York Times – April 9, 2012

Well, we spoke too soon. Today the New York Times  repeated the statistics from 2011 declaring once again that police officers were under fire. The article pointed at everything from ” having fewer officers on the street” to  an increase in stop and frisk contacts by law enforcement as the reason for the increase. What the article never once considered was that 2011 was a statistical anomaly. Even as they acknowledged, “Through the first three months of this year, the number of police fatalities has dropped,” they failed to tell the readers how significant that drop was and seemed puzzled as to why the current facts would not cooperate with their preconceived thesis.

While it may just be a coincidence, it is worth noting that after seeing a twitter post of our article, That Was Then This is Now…Why Fewer Officer Fatalities is a Bad Thing For LERadley Balko, published a piece on his blog The Agitator, “The ‘War on Cops’ That Wasn’t. And Still Isn’t” where he covered the same ground, a citing us a reference, it seems that the New York Times piece comes out of nowhere, especially when you see it uses last year’s data.

Making a Difference – The Agitator references clarkcountycriminalcops

Award Winning Journalist

Radley Balko

Gave us a Shout Out on the Agitator

Yesterday, Radley Balko, Senior Writer, Huffington Post  picked up on a twitter message  describing our latest post, That Was Then This is Now…Why Fewer Officer Fatalities is a Bad Thing For LEAnd while we were grateful for his  even acknowledging this fledgling enterprise on a national level, we were even more pleased to see that

Balko gives a shout out to our Twitter feed.

we were even more pleased to see that Balko took our idea an ran with it, with his own blog post on the AgitatorThe “War on Cops” That Wasn’t. And Still Isn’t.  While his post does cover much of the same material, Balko did give reference to “watchdog blog Clark County Criminal Cops.”

Since Balko  has been active in debunking law enforcement claims that a  War on Cops exists for years, we are honored to have been given note yesterday.

While we have had two of one previous essay (Obey, Submit, Comply. The New Rape Model For Sexual Predators Was Created by Law Enforcement) as well as our recap of the murder of Ruslan Zhgenti “How to Kill Your Lover’s Husband” have been republished on Cop Block, this was the first time in the brief two months we have been online that we have been referenced as a source.

America Under Fire

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