America Under Fire

Sunday’s Hotlinks:

Cops think killing people is something to JOKE ABOUT.

Despite repeated signs that it is not illegal, Police continue to threaten, accost and arrest people for videotaping them.

A police stop on the drive home from a  “Star Trek” convention in St. Louis prompts Radley Balko to look

When K-9's Alert--Odds are NO DRUGS

at asset forfeiture laws, the ineffectiveness off police dogs and the difficulty we have firing bad cops.

When police respond to a medical emergency to find the man is doing well. So they kill him.

Portland, OR police captain who brought  “discredit and disgrace upon the bureau and the city”  when he publicly honored Nazi Soldiers will provide leadership training.

New York Jury refuses to convict a NYPD officer who admitted to sexually assaulting and sodomizing a school teacher on rape charge.

Fiscal Affairs Committee Approves Crooks Settlement

$100,000 settlement approved

Still no charges filed

Rogue officer wants job back

The Metropolitan Police Department’s Committee on Fiscal Affairs unanimously approved the $100,000 settlement with Mitchell Crooks to end his federal civil rights lawsuit. Crooks, who was legally filming a police arrest in his neighborhood when former officer Derick Colling demanded he stop filming and then beat and arrested hum, when he refused. Crooks camera continued to roll, capturing the entire confrontation.

The video was posted on the internet forcing Metro to launch an internal investigation which concluded that Colling, a six-year veteran, violated several unspecified department policies.

Colling was fired in December 2011, but was hired by the Albany County Sheriff’s Office in Montana as a corrections officer shortly after being terminated by the LVMPD. His recent promotion to deputy was defended by Albany County Sheriff Dave O’Malley, who admits he has made it a point not to watch the video of Colling assaulting Crooks.

Clark County School Cop Brings Gun To a Fistfight

Crayola Cop Doesn’t Pull Any Punches

He Pulls His Firearm


Clark County School District Employee drew his weapon on a 15-year-old student after the student punched him according CCSD reports. The CCSD employee was a member of the districts independant police agency.

According to the Las Vegas Sun,  Green Valley High School administrators broke up a cafeteria fight between two students around noon noon on February 28th. One of the students involved in the fight fled campus and returned about 20 minutes later. At hat point he he was confronted by an administrator and school police officer assigned to the campus.

According to acting Clark County Schools Police Chief James Ketsaa, the student hit the officer and made verbal threats, provoking the officer to draw his gun in order to take the student into custody. The student fled the scene, but was later taken into custody at his Henderson home by school police without further incident.