DA May Charge HPD Officer for 2010 Beating

An Unexpected Flip-flop

Rookie DA Wolfson

Says Charges Against HPD Officer Still Possible

It seems Clark County District Attorney Steve Wolfson is reevaluating his decision not to seek charges against HPD Sgt. Brett Seekatz for his repeated kicks to a motorist’s head back in 2010. The incident had been kept secret until earlier in the year when the Henderson Police Department requested approval to pay the driver, Adam Greene, and his wife $260,000 in order to settle a lawsuit the couple had filed.


Greene was beaten after officers mistook his diabetic episode as non-compliance during a traffic stop. Greene was approached by Nevada Highway Patrol Sgt. Anthony Bandiero, whose dash cam captured the event. Greene was joined by NHP trooper John-Sydney Cass who grabbed Greene’s wrists and pulled him from the vehicle.
Neither of the NHP officers took part in the beating, but rather give control of the incident over to HPD officers, Douglas Lynaugh, Francis Shipp and Seth Vanbeveren, who began manhandling the unresponsive Green while the police mantra, “STOP RESISTING” echoes pointlessly into the night. HPD  Sgt. Brett Seekatz, arrived later in the altercation,  stepped to the group and  kicked Greene five times in the head.


None of the NHP officers nor the three Henderson cops who initially swarmed Greene’s limp and lifeless body were disciplined. Seekatz was the only officer disciplined for his actions, but HPD has refused to say what that entailed. Seekatz has two prior complaints against him which paint Seekatz as a dishonest officer, completely comfortable lying under oath.


Wolfson originally announced to the public that he said he would not charge Seekatz because he felt is  was not in  the community’s best interest to file a charge so long after the incident. Wolfson also expressed concern over his office’s ability to secure a conviction. Wolfson told KNPR that new information was available that may change how he handles the case. He is expected to announce his final decision in a few days.


If Wolfson does decided to pursue charges against Seekatz, hopefully it will be the first of several officers who have so far escaped prosecution for their apparent crimes. Wolfson should not forget that Derek Colling, Edward Little, Wavie Reed and Brian Yant have all been implicated in various crimes, ranging from perjury to murder. have all been implicated in various crimes, ranging from perjury to murder.

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Officer David Goris was partnered with  Detective Bryan Yant in January, 2010 when they both showed the citizens of Las Vegas the honesty and integrity weren’t character traits either possessed. (cont)

Greene Beating Not The Only Time HPD Sgt. Seekatz Faced Accusations of Misconduct

Brett Seekatz, the Henderson cop who was captured on video repeatedly kicking motorist Adam Greene in the head, has multiple compaints against him on file with the Henderson Police Department.

The Review Journal reports that the Department cleared Seekatz in both complaints, But the paper detailed the accusations against the officer and examined a evidence supporting the citizen’s complaints. Both complaints were filed long before the Greene Beating Video was released. While neither accusation alleged violence, the both paint Seekatz as a dishonest officer who is completely comfortable lying under oath.

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