Uniformed Sexual Predators — Former Miss Nevada Forced to Bare All for LA Cops

L.A. County Deputies Don’t Know their ABCs

But They Sure Know How to Get Their Rocks Off

Forcing Former Beauty Queen to Bare All

Caleche Ranae Manos, Miss Nevada 2007, was humiliated when  Los Angeles County sheriff’s officers burst into the apartment she shared with her fiance and forced her to walk around her bedroom nude while the watched and made jokes..

Miss Nevada 2007 Caleche Ranae Manos

Manos and her fiancé, Eric Otto Ryder,  shared Apartment “C” in a Santa Monica apartment building which cops were investigating criminal activity, activity the couple was neither aware of or involved in. But on November 15, 2011, while the couple was sound asleep in their bedroom, several members of the LA County sheriff’s department were gathering outside their door, preparing to serve a search warrant. Not a single officer seemed to noticed the large letter “C” on the door. Had they been better versed in their ABC’s they would have realized the warrant they were to serve was for Apartment “A.”

Busting in the door of Manos and Ryder’s home the police quickly entered the bedroom, weapons drawn and woke the couple with shouts and threats of violence. Having no idea why the officers were in their home, the terrified couple feared for their lives as a group of armed thugs forced commandeered their bedroom and began barking conflicting commands.

Eventually L.A’s finest realized that not one among them had a firm grasp over the first three letters of the alphabet and realized they were  in the wrong place. However, this realization came after officers ordered the former beauty queen to reenact her winning swimsuit competition, just without the swimsuit.

As  Manos complied with the officer’s orders to get out of bed despite having slept in the nude. they cops joked about what a story this would make over the upcoming Thanksgiving Holiday. However, Manos and Ryder may just get the last laugh. They are currently suing the Los Angeles County and its Sheriff’s Department and taxpayers may end up paying dearly for the adolescent voyeurism of a few illiterate cops.

The suite claims that at “no time did the sheriff deputies offer an apology for the detainment, humiliation, rough treatment, and horror attendant to their invasion of the plaintiffs’ home without any probable cause.”

Manos and Ryder seek damages for negligence, false imprisonment and violations of civil rights and Constitutional violations. Manos also accuses the deputies of sexual harassment and discrimination, saying they only ordered her to get out bed naked because she is a woman.

In addition to seeking damages for negligence, false imprisonment, and civil rights and Constitution violations, Manos is accusing the deputies of sexual harassment, saying they only made her leave the bed because she’s a woman.

Manos “suffered and continues to suffer emotional distress, humiliation, mental anguish, and embarrassment,” as a result of the incident, according to the complaint.

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