A Tragic Thing Happened on The Way To The Strip Club — Sentencing Ends Detective’s Metro Career But Not His Paycheck

His Drunken Quest  For Montana Strippers

Derailed Detective’s Decade-long Career

But Nicothodes Has the Last Laugh

Former Las Vegas Metropolitan Detective Timothy Nicothodes was formally sentenced July, 12, 2012 in Yellowstone County District Court for criminal endangerment and driving under the influence. The ten-year veteran of the Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department saw the final chapter of his night of drunken debauchery written last week during an hour-long sentencing hearing in Montana.

Timothy Nicothodes’ Montana mug shot

According to The Billings Gazette, Judge Gregory Todd ordered Nicothodes to serve a three-year deferred sentence and pay a $3,000 fine for the felony criminal endangerment charge. In addition, Todd ordered the former detective to serve six months in jail and pay a $500 fine to satisfy the misdemeanor DUI conviction. The the convictions resulted from Nicothodes guilty plea to the DUI and “no contest” plea to the felony earlier this year. Both sentences are to run concurrently and all but the three days already served by Nicothodes were suspended.

What’s troubling is that Nicothodes, who served as a DEA agent for six years prior to joining LVMPD, was able to avoid termination for his actions. Despite Sheriff Doug Gillespie’s promise to make LVMPD a transparent agency which holds its officers accountable for their actions, Nicothodes was able to negotiate a secret deal with Metro which granted him a full medical retirement, rather than the expected termination a felony conviction mandates.

We can only speculate as to whether or not Nicothodes marriage to Deputy Chief Kathy O’Connor, Gillespie’s chief of staff, had any impact on his obtaining such a sweetheart deal.

According to police reports Nicothodes was going about 98 mph the night of May 26 when his 2002 Chevrolet Silverado pickup crashed into the back of a 2009 Ford Focus on a two-lane roadway in Yellowstone County. Evidence indicated he did not even attempted to brake, police said.

Both vehicles rolled. Nicothodes, who was not wearing a seat belt and was thrown from the truck, was in critical condition at the time, but has since recovered.

According to the report, the detective had a blood-alcohol content between 0.192 percent and 0.219 percent. The legal limit in Montana is 0.08 percent.

Two people in the Focus were diagnosed with soft-tissue damage and had cuts and bruises, but their injuries were non life-threatening, the report said.

Police later contacted the parents of a woman in the Focus who said they knew Nicothodes and had been with him in a bar that night, the report said.

They told police they saw him drinking “significant” amounts of alcohol as they had dinner together, including many shots and mixed drinks.

Nicothodes later asked them whether they would accompany him to the Laurel, MT strip club, Shotgun Willie’s, but they declined, police said. One saw him urinating in the parking lot before he left the bar, the report said.

Nicothodes was hired by the Metropolitan Police Department in 1999 and is married to Deputy Chief Kathy O’Connor, chief of staff to Sheriff Douglas Gillespie according to the Las Vegas Review Journal.

In 2007, Nicothodes as a patrol officer shot and killed burglary suspect Joseph M. Justin after Justin pointed a gun at the officer’s partner.

Nicothodes was placed on unpaid leave when felony charges were filed against him in Montana, before he was able to receive a medical retirement,

In 2010 taxpayers paid Nicothodes $136,497.35 and an additional $88,186.71 was paid by taxpayers in 2011.

11 thoughts on “A Tragic Thing Happened on The Way To The Strip Club — Sentencing Ends Detective’s Metro Career But Not His Paycheck

    • It has become common practice among government officals, and the current president is the biggest offender, of saying one thing and doing quite the opposite. They have learned there is no penalty for doing so. People hear what they want, but pay to little attention to what is actually done. Consider, has this presidency been transparent, as promised? Has it cut government spending as was stated? Does anyone seriously thing government run health care will be better than free markey and cost less? The words and the actions all too often are inconsistent. It’s a shame. But we need to continue to point it out when we see it.

  1. I hate to admit it, but Gillespie had me fooled. I really thought he was serious about change, and it even felt like he was changing the department. But in the end, its the Vegas good ol’ boy network alive that just won’t die, and the transient nature of this community means there will never be any real public outrage.

    While I admire the effort. it seems you are spitting into the wind, my friend.

  2. What a loser! How convenient that the local newspapers didn’t cover this. It seems Metro has much control over what is allowed to be printed. Or maybe the local reporters are just super shitty at their jobs. I appreciate your efforts.

  3. To my fellow bloggers,

    Essentially, you just don’t know the half of it. but then again you may learn soon how really corrupted my old beloved police department is . A group of us old dinosaur cops are getting together to publicly expose all the latest wrong doings of my beloved police department and try to bring back some semblance of honesty and integrity. All I can say at this point is pray for us and wish us well, we are going to need it . Just an old cop reflecting,

    Gordon Martines…..curre.org

  4. The corruption begins at the top and trickles down. We warned the citizenry of Las Vegas duriing the election that Dougie is as dirty as it comes. He feels no remorse for his complicity, he thinks the tax payers money is his own personal ATM machine and he gets away with it. He buries reports that place him in the limelight, harrasses the good sworn personnel of Metro and acts like the dept. is his kingdom with himself as the king answerable to no one. The good ole boy system is still alive and thriving in metro and the D.A.’s office.You can’t get rid of the smell of shit till you flush the toilet and Gillespie needs to be the first turd to go to the sewer.

  5. Anyone ever take a look at who writes their opinions concerning the staff of LVMPD? I see two names thta have the history of being worthless and well known for their non-performance. I don’t mean rants of non-performance by the higher staff, but by their immediate supervisors. Truth be known if the Staff had the power to terminate without having to jump through hoops the critical “hard working?” posters here would have been fired long ago. Howvere the Sheriff, Undersheriff cannot walk up to an employee and fire them. Due to contractual agreements the employee just has to sit back, collect their pay and let the Unions go after the staff who has more obligations to show termination reasons than the employee does to show credibility. about 90% of the time the employee receives full pay during this time and then is reinstated and then begins their rants on how the staff tried to railroad them, Mr. Marties you’re one of them. You have been on “leave” for over a year now but still collect your full pay and it has been repeated that you’re resoning for refusal to retires is that you don’t want your ex-wife to get any of your retirement. If anyone in this group of ranters needs investigation it should be Martines. More case paperwork has been “lost” from his desk, drawers, files, etc. just becasue he didn’t want to do it. Maybe a little back checking into the IPOF that Mr. Martines was treasurer for, be looked into as to what he was asked to leave that position. Am I making any allegations? Absolutely not ! Just suggesting that maybe if someone took the time to see who Mr. Martinez really is that their opinions of LVMPD might change a little bit.

  6. Pingback: Metro Officer’s Arrest For D.V. and DUI Makes us Wonder–Does Sheriff Gillespie Know the Definition of “Transparency” | clarkcountycriminalcops

  7. To my fellow bloggers,
    @WR….It says a lot when you don’t have the guts or honor to give your full name in your blog and back up what you publish. Just for the record my last name is spelled with an “S”, as in Martines, I was not treasurer of the IPOF, I was President of the IPOF for approx. 10 years, my ex father in law was the treasurer, and I resent any insinuation as to any fraud committed. I was also President/Co-founder of STOP DUI Inc, for 25 years, both positions were volunteer. When I resigned from the IPOF position there was in excess of $700,000.00 in the fund. I actually retained Cal Potter, esq, to help protect the fund from the LVMPD Administration and Leadership, which failed. As for my ex-wife getting 29 percent of my pension when I retire, some would probably think she actually deserves it. I have had two heart surgeries so far and am looking at another heart surgery this month directly related to 38 years of police work. I hope that clears up any misunderstanding. Just for yucks, please read my Federal Complaint, (Martines vs LVMPD, Sheriff Douglas Gillespie, et al, and the added fifteen defendants), it just might open up your mind a little. Just an old cop reflecting,

    Gordon Martines….curre.org

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