NLVPD Officers Cleared in 2010 New Years Day Shooting

New Year’s Revelers Fire Guns in the Air

Two North Las Vegas Police Officer’s Respond

And Fire Guns at Revelers.

Fernando Giovanni Saucedo.died 10 minutes into 2010

Clark County District Attorney has released his office’s finding in the New Year’s Day Shooting of  Fernando Giovanni Saucedo.. Sauceda was celebrating the new year with family and friends by firing guns into the air. North Las Vegas officers heard the gunfire, approached the party with guns drawn and less than ten minutes into the new year the first victim of police force was dead.

While some witnesses stated NLVPD officer Jeffrey Pollard and his partner were dressed in tactical gear and did not identify themselves as police. Some state this caused Sauceda to point his rifle at two armed intruders in self-defense. However other witnesses told investigators it was clear the Pollard and his partner were “Five-Oh.”

Police said the officers gave orders to the group to drop their weapons, and all complied except for  Sauceda, who  pointed a gun within arm’s length of Pollard. The officer brushed it aside and tried to disarm him. During the physical altercation, Pollard fired several times. Sauceda’s family disputed the police version of events. They said that the officers did not identify themselves and that Sauceda didn’t know they were police. The family filed a civil rights lawsuit in December of last year naming The City Of North Las Vegas, The North Las Vegas Police Department and Officer Jeffrey Pollard as defendants.

The report states the same case-law as reports clearing the seven other officers Wolfson’s office said will not face any charges. Prior to Sauceda’s death it had been nearly two years since North Las Vegas Police killed a citizen in the line of duty.

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