Uniformed Sexual Predators — Ignorance Is Bliss

When It Comes to  Police Misconduct

It Would Appear That

Ignorance is Bliss

This week Albert Hernandez, a Silverado High School softball coach, was arrested,  accused of engaging in a sexual relationship with a player on the team. While a police official told the Las Vegas Sun, ” said investigators had “no reason to believe” other victims existed,” they still are “asking anyone with information, including other possible victims, to contact detectives.”

A few days earlier, Marvin Juarez, a local soccer coach was arrested  on four counts of sexual assault with a victim under 14, one count of unlawful contact with a child and 11 counts of lewdness with a minor under 14. The charges all resulted from two visits the victim made to the coach’s home. Police said his arrest immediately triggered a search for addition victims. Police urged “any other victims to come forward, regardless of immigration status.”.

A similar request was made by investigators when ROTC adviser,  Douglas Young, was charged with sexual misconduct with a student earlier in the month.  Police also said that investigation was ongoing and asked “anyone with any information concerning this incident, or anyone who may be an additional victim, is encouraged to contact Metro’s sexual assault detail.”

This would appear to be standard operating procedure from law enforcement  investigating such cases. Even when Timothy Lawson,a teacher and assistant wrestling coach at Cimarron-Memorial High School, was arrested in late April and charged with one count of Open and Gross Lewdness and one count of Indecent Exposure, police made a call to the public for “anyone with any information about these incidents, or who may have been a victim, is asked to contact Metro.”

Metro Officer Garrett Vandereecken

That’s what makes the way police handled the arrest of Garrett Vandereecken on the single charge of Lewdness with Child Under 14 years old so confusing. After all Vandereecken’s charge stemmed from a repeated pattern of abuse with the victim over a span of four years, so one would think authorities would want to know if there were any additional victims out there. Yet, when he was taken into custody by Metro’s Juvenile Sexual Abuse Detail on May 22nd, Metro’s usual call out for more information and additional victims was not made.

One could pass this off as a simple oversight, but it seems this type of “oversight” has happened before, earlier this year, in fact. Back in February the LVMPD arrested John Norman on one count of misdemeanor Open or Gross Lewdness as well as a felony charge of Coercion, police once again were silent when it came to seeking out more information and additional victims.

While I hope it isn’t the case, the only thing that differentiates Norman and Vandereecken, from Lawson, Young, Hernandez or Jaurez is that the two people Metro showed no interest in finding additional victims were officers with The Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department. And that is often the case when it comes to criminal behavior by police. Despite clear evidence that police officers are just as likely to commit crimes and anyone else, and about three times as like to commit sexual assaults than the general public, investigators tend to take the “Ignorance is Bliss” stance and bury their heads in the sand.

No matter how often they try to tell the public otherwise, the truth is that police do everything they can to hold themselves and their brother’s in blue to lower standards than the rest of us,

6 thoughts on “Uniformed Sexual Predators — Ignorance Is Bliss

  1. That very thought occurred to me as I was reading those stories in the RJ. LVMPD is one of the lousiest police departments in the country–and that is saying something..

  2. Flynn said police have not ruled out the possibility that additional victims may come forward in the Norman case.

    He encouraged anyone with information of misconduct by Norman to contact the Metropolitan Police Department’s Sexual Assault Detail at 828-3421; or Crime Stoppers at 385-5555.

    I guess you are wrong

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