Metro Mistakes Cost Millions every year

 Since 2008, Metro paid settlements in 

152  separate incidents

 Costing taxpayers more than $6.5 million

The Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department has cost taxpayers an average of $1.1 million dollars a year in settlements over the past four years, according to a recent report by KSNV.

Most frightening is that Channel 3 is reporting that Metro has already paid nearly $2 million dollars during the first four months of this year alone.

  • 2008: Metro wrote 25 checks for a total of $1,001,595
  • 2009: Metro wrote 37 checks for a total of $1,386,812
  • 2010: Metro wrote 36 checks for a total of $728,814
  • 2011: Metro wrote 42 checks for a total of $3,206,996
  • As of April 2012: Metro wrote 12 checks for a total of $1,907,000
  • TOTAL OVER FIVE YEARS: $6,514,918 involving up to 152 officers.

Sheriff Doug Gillespie

What KSNV didn’t tell us is how many of the officers responsible for these payouts are still employed by the department. The majority either still wear a badge or have retired with full benefits.  Only a very few of these costly employees received discipline of any kind. Many are still on the force, and are part of this site’s Officer Hall of Shame.

The bulk of this year’s $1.9 million dollars went to the family of Trevon Cole. In January,  Metro paid out $1.7 million (the department’s single largest settlement ever) to the family of the unarmed man gunned down in his bathroom by narcotics detective Bryan Yant during a botched drug raid. Yant is still employed with Metro and was paid $131,051.08 in total compensation in 2011.

12 thoughts on “Metro Mistakes Cost Millions every year

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