Wolfson Clears Seven More Cops involved in Three 2011 Shootings

With complete disregard of the Inquest process

District Attorney Steve Wolfson

Continues to Clear Killer Cops.

District Attorney Steve Wolfson

The District Attorney’s office under Steve Wolfson continues to dig the grave of the county’s controversial Coroner’s Inquest process by releasing his office’s findings regarding the death of three more suspects at the hands of police. Not surprisingly, none of the three incidents warrant criminal charges.

As he has done in the past, through letters posted on the  DA’s website, Wolfson cleared the officers involved in the shooting deaths of Jamie Padilla, Mauricio Hernandez and Tory Manvilla.

Four SWAT officers, Dave Reid,  Anton Gorup,  Leaareon Fincher,  and William Marx exchanged gunfire with Padilla in February, 2011 after an hour-long standoff. Police were responding to reports of a man with a gun trying to break into residences at the Broadstone Montecito Apartments. Padilla reportedly fired on officers several times before officers delivered the fatal shots.

Police investigate the Hernandez shooting at The Bar

The Bar Surveillance Footage

Hernandez was shot and killed less than two weeks later at The Bar, on Nellis Ave., by Metro Sgt. David Toney. Hernandez was in the bar after his involvement in a shooting earlier that day on Stockbridge St.  Although Toney had no information about Hernandez’s earlier activities, surveillance video shows the suspect drew his weapon five seconds after Toney entered the establishment to have a cup of coffer with a friend and pointed it at the officer. Toney was able to draw his service weapon and fire six shots at the suspect, who stumbled into the restroom and died.

Manvilla’s death was the first fatal officer involved shooting of 2011 by Metro officers. Prior to the shooting Manvilla had been acting erratically, and had tried to gain access to at least two residences in area of Mountain Vista Street and Tropicana Avenue. Claiming that someone was after him, most residents told reporters they didn’t find the man threatening, but rather “scared to death.”

After pushing his way into a home on Fairfax Avenue and locking himself in the bathroom. The residents of the home said police were in the home less than 10 minutes before shots were fired. None of them told investigators they heard police issue any commands. Officers Juan Guzman and Michael Henry each fired one shot at Manvilla after they say he burst forth from the bathroom and charged them.

Manvilla’s autopsy determined he was under the influence of Methamphetamine and Amphetamine at the time of his death, which according to his friends and relatives, most likely led to his paranoid behavior.

Since taking over the DA’s office this year Wolfson has found reason not to file criminal charges in a total of seven FOIS as well as declining to press charges relating to the videotaped beating of a diabetic motorist by several officers from Henderson Police Department, including Brett Seekatz who can been seen repeatedly kicking the motorist in the head.

What are your thoughts on Wolfson’s decision not to await the public fact-finding process? Is his choice to bypass the Coroner’s Inquest good or bad for Clark County?

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