America Under Fire — Texas Has Executed Another Innocent Man.

Carlos DeLuna Never Stopped Telling Authorities,

“I didn’t do it, but I know who did.”

Turns Out He Was Right, but Texas Killed Him Anyway.


After years of investigation the Columbia Human Rights Law Review, has gathered a stack of evidence 10 feet high indicating not only was Carlos DeLuna innocent of  the 1983 murder of Wanda Lopez, he knew who really killed her. Even more shocking is that it seems key members of the prosecution knew he was telling the truth.

Los Tocayos Carlos, a book-length monograph and comprehensive website published by Columbia has  made all the evidence available (crime-scene photoslaw enforcement and court records,newspaper and TV coveragepolice audiotape of the manhunt ending in DeLuna’s arrestvideotaped interviews,) so readers can decide for themselves.

Sadly this is not an isolated incident.  There is very strong evidence to suggest Texas has killed four other innocent men since 1976.

And that’s just Texas, which is not the only state killing people where the evidence points to their innocence,.
and most recently
  • Troy Davis Georgia Conviction: 1991, Executed: 2011
And there are many more where the evidence doesn’t point to actual innocence, but does cast considerable doubt on their guilt. So, then how can we continue to implement a program that is not only more expensive than every alternative,  has absolutely no effect as a deterrent to murder and takes the life of the innocent?

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