That Was Then This is Now…Why Fewer Officer Fatalities is a Bad Thing For LE

While a 22% Change in the number of Cop Deaths

Was Big News In March, 2011

2012’s 56% Change in Officer Fatalities Has Gone Unnoticed

Official portrait of United States Attorney Ge...

Attorney General Eric Holder

Attorney General Eric Holder stood up in front of  group of police chiefs and the heads of several federal law enforcement agencies and  told them the number of  law enforcement officers killed in the United States in the first three months of the year was “simply unacceptable.”

Holder’s comments came as he announced a Law Enforcement Safety Initiative which would will involve all U.S. attorneys around the country meeting with their local police and others to discuss the issue and to try to find solutions to this problem.  Holder also directed the 93 U.S. attorneys to inform state, local and tribal enforcement agencies of federal programs designed to protect officers.

It’s interesting to note that Holder made these statements in March of 2011, response to the a nearly 20% increase in officer deaths so far in that year. This 20% swing was big news just a year ago.

So why hasn’t Holder or the media said a word about the 2012 numbers so far this year? After all this year’s number represents a 56% change from last year. Could it be that while at last year’s meeting Holder was more willing to talk about a 20% increase in officer deaths, than he is willing to talk about the 56% decline in officer deaths we have seen this year?

Why be more vocal about an increase in officer deaths, and silent about the good news of fewer officer fatalities? Is it because there is more funding to be acquired from the death of officers, after all it is easier to fear monger tax dollars from the public using dead officers than living ones?

According to the National Law Enforcement Officer’s Memorial Fund’s web page, officer deaths by firearms are down 57% from this time last year, and about a third of those fatalities were the result of cops killing other cops.

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