America Under Fire

Sunday’s Hotlinks:

Cops think killing people is something to JOKE ABOUT.

Despite repeated signs that it is not illegal, Police continue to threaten, accost and arrest people for videotaping them.

A police stop on the drive home from a  “Star Trek” convention in St. Louis prompts Radley Balko to look

When K-9's Alert--Odds are NO DRUGS

at asset forfeiture laws, the ineffectiveness off police dogs and the difficulty we have firing bad cops.

When police respond to a medical emergency to find the man is doing well. So they kill him.

Portland, OR police captain who brought  “discredit and disgrace upon the bureau and the city”  when he publicly honored Nazi Soldiers will provide leadership training.

New York Jury refuses to convict a NYPD officer who admitted to sexually assaulting and sodomizing a school teacher on rape charge.

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