LVMPD Policy Doesn’t Value Human Life Among ACLU’s Findings

No emphasize on the importance of human life

No specific or adequate directives

Among  failures  leadding officers to excessive use force

 The American Civil Liberties Union of Nevada today presented the Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department with 62 pages of recommendations regarding the department use of force policies. The recommendstions were delivered as a result of a meeting last week between the ACLU, Sheriff Doug Gillespie, the NAACP of Las Vegas, and new Clark County District Attorney Steve Wolfson in which Gillespie was receptive to the organization’s findings.
The ACLU compared Metro’s written use of force policy with similiar policies with other law enforcement agencies across one of the country. Most glaring was Metro’s policy does not address the value of human life. The ACLU recommended the department adopt language which clarifies the policy’s primary purpose.
The ACLU suggested adopted verbage early on in the department’s police that emphasizes that Metro officer should remember the value of life in their decisions. The Louisville Metro Police Department’s introduction to their use of force policy was provided as an example.
It is the intent of the Louisville Metro Police Department that all members recognize the importance of human life, respect basic human rights and have an intolerant attitude towards the abusive treatment of all persons.”
The ACLU is clearly not waiting for the report by the Department of Justice that is expected later this year. We will look at other recommendations contained in the report this week.
Both reports are in response to  last year’s record number of deaths at the hands of Metro officers, including December’s killing of Stanley Gibson, an unarmed and confused, mentally ill veteran who was shot in the back of the head by officer Jesus Arevalo.

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