DOJ Review of LVMPD officially underway

A think tank formed to 

evaluate the threat of German U-boats

will study police shootings by the LVMPD


The U.S. Department of Justice has hired a Washington D.C.-based management firm, The Center for Naval Analysis,  to conduct the a six-month review of the department’s policies after 142 people were killed in 378 officer-involved shootings since 1990.

Officials from CNA will travel to Nevada next week to meet with Las Vegas police and community leaders, including  American Civil Liberties Union of Nevada Executive Director Dane Claussen, even though he has been critical of an outside organization investigatine Metro rather than the DOJ itself.

The CNA was created in  the 1940s when they pioneered the field of operations

The Center of Naval Analysis was formed to track U-Boats in WWII

research by helping the Navy address the German U-boat threat. Today, they mission is much broader as they now provides “high-level research and analysis services to federal, state, and local government agencies, and non-commercial clients working in the areas of education, health research and policy, organizational learning and effectiveness, air traffic management, safety and security, and other domestic issue areas”

According to the CNA’s website, they “work to analyze and solve problems by getting as close as possible to the people, the data – and the problems themselves – in order to find the clear, credible answers government leaders need to choose the best course of action.

Recently the CNA has released studies of a 2011 Baltimore  police shooting that occurred outside a nightclub as well as  a report in 2009 of the findings and recommendations concerning the 2009 murder of four Oakland Police Department.

4 thoughts on “DOJ Review of LVMPD officially underway

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