More Brutality by The Henderson PD

Officer: Turn around—hands behind your back!

Perez:  Check out my ass!

Officer: How you like that smart ass?

KSNV Video of Henderson Cops Tasing Compliant suspect

KSNV, channel 3 news has uncovered another video of police brutality among the officers in the Henderson Police Department. The incident, which saw Henderson police officers tazing a man 15 times,  took place back in March 2007, and cost taxpayers $100,000. A camera attached to a taser captured the officer tazing a nude man who was clearly belligerent, yet still complying with police commands. In light of a recent court ruling that tasers can not be used simply to gain compliance, the use of tasers in response to belligerence and other verbal outbursts is even more repulsive.

Yet Henderson Spokesman Bud Cranor defends the officers action by warning the public about something completely irrelevant. “Criminals will use their feces and sometimes throw it at officers. It’s a biological hazard. HIV and hepatitis—that’s a real serious hazard to officers,” Cranor told KSNV.

Not only is Cranor an advocate of pain compliance as integral part of police tactics, he also apparently believes that when Perez pointed at his butt and said, “Check out my ass!”  he was just about to display his unique skills in the projectile bowel movement arena, and had the officer not acted he would have been the victim of a HIV laden feces bomb.

Perhaps he should consider how this incident shows an officer’s reaction to having his sexuality questioned by a suspect. This is a result of the juvenile mentality ever-present in today’s police departments, as evidenced in the officers  laughing at Perez and mocking his body’s natural reaction to external electrical stimuli. Behavior Cranor conceded was,  “Probably not” appropriate.

But this childishness on the part of law enforcement is more than inappropriate, it’s dangerous and deadly. Law enforcement creates a culture where cops are punished more for maintaining the proper haircut than they are for beating citizens and violating the Constitution resulting in officers willing to torture our neighbors simply to save face.

When we continue to have low hiring standards and  utilize archaic training techniques that force officers to pay more attention to bureaucratic regulations than to how they conduct themselves with the public we will continue to create officers who behave more like juvenile delinquents than mature, competent professionals. We will continue to see these persistent patterns of misconduct, including the  homophobia and  brutality we see in this case.

Despite to the due process protections we all have, Cranor tried to excuse the officer’s actions by reminding us that Perez was eventually convicted of domestic battery, battery of an officer, torture of an animal, felony coercion, and harassment,. Apparently he believes the Henderson police can punish citizens today for convictions they might receive in the future.

While the video shows less than three minutes of Perez’s encounter with police, he was tazed more than a dozen times that night, including several times while at the hospital to receive medical treatment. Perez sued the city, and the case was settled out of court for $100,000. According to KSNV none of the seven HPD officers involved in this incident were disciplined and all remain employed by the HPD. KSNV did not identify any of the officers involved.

5 thoughts on “More Brutality by The Henderson PD

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  2. It is disgusting that these cretins still have a job. This case has barely been covered by the media so most of the public is unaware of this incident. The media outlets that are covering it are stressing that there were several 911 call made by neighbors stating how aggressive the man was. KLAS channel 8 even altered the video by editing out several seconds that show the man was in compliance before he was tased.

    • i’ve been pulled over by the Henderson police roughly 12 times in the last 2 years and for nothing, they say its for not using a turn signal or I was driving to slow and was suspicious which is nonsense but what is considered harassment ?, I am afraid to drive to the store now.

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