LVMPD Settles with Crooks for $100,000

Metro pays Mitchell Crooks $100k for beating caught on tape

The same amount Disgraced Cop, Derek Colling,

earned while sitting at home during investigation

The Metropolitan Police Department has agreed to pay $100,000 to a Las Vegas man who was beaten by a Metro officer as he shot video from his driveway.

Mitchell Crooks

The payment would settle the federal civil rights lawsuit filed by Mitchell Crooks, whose video of the confrontation was named the second worst police abuse video of 2011.

 The video made headlines across the country, was voted the 2nd Worst Police Misconduct Video of 2011 by The National Police Misconduct Statistics and Reporting Project and featured former Metro Police officer Derek Colling, CopBlock’s Most Dangerous Cop in America.

Shot in April, 2010 by freelance videographer Mitchell Crooks, the 4 minute 44 second was one of the many incidents that changed the way the public viewed the The Las Vegas Metropolitan Police department.

Crooks, a freelance videographer, was taping the arrest of several juvenile burglary suspects on his cul-de-sac, when officer Colling stopped his cruiser in front of Crooks home. Although Crooks was breaking no laws and was standing in his own front yard, Colling began questioning Crooks’ residency as he quickly encroached on private property.

Thanks to Crooks standing his ground and continuing to tape the encounter, he was able to provide proof that he was beaten, and arrested by Colling without cause. Charges Colling denied prior to the tape’s release. However, once Crooks posted the disturbing video online, Colling was suspended and eventually terminated after an internal investigation determined that Crooks’ complaint that Colling used of excessive force was sustained. Colling was also found guilty of violating several other department policies, who was on paid leave during the internal investigation was paid more than  $100,000 in total pay & benefits himself while he sat home.

Colling was no stranger to controversy, and had a history of making reckless decisions and acting confrontational. He had already been involved in two fatal shootings in his 5½ years as a Las Vegas police officer, including the 2009 fatal shooting of disturbed,  15-year-old  Tanner Chamberlain.

3 thoughts on “LVMPD Settles with Crooks for $100,000

  1. As it turns out, Albany County, WY Sheriff Dave O’Mally has quietly hired bad cop Derek Colling because Laramie is Colling’s hometown. Of course there is no bias with that decision. lol

    This has to be the epitome of cops protecting bad cops. When asked why he is defending his decision to hire bad cop Derek Colling, Sheriff Dave O’Malley actually said, “If you’ve got a guy (in a big city) who’s been in two or three things that are high profile, you know, maybe it’s just easier to get rid of him” and I know how civil litigation is and I’ve seen officers in the past who were in situations where they were purely in the right.”

    That means O’Malley is totally disregarding Colling’s history of excessive force, misconduct, assault, illegal arrest and violation of a totally innocent citizen’s civil rights who was simply (and legally) video-taping. Colling should have been arrested, prosecuted and imprisoned for his crimes. And yet LVMP did not even blacklist him so that Wyoming could hire him.

    O’Mally should be pressured to get rid of bad cop Colling or face a recall election.

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