Metro Reaches Agreement With Scott Family

Despite Vowing to Hold Metro Accountable

Scott Lawsuit ends with 10-line Press Release
Erik Scott

Erik Scott

The family of Erik Scott, whose 2010 shooting outside of a Summerlin CostCo, sparked community outrage and the eventual overhaul of the county’s inquest system, dropped their lawsuit against the Las Vegas Metropolitan Police department, according to a department twitter today.

In a written statement Sherrif Doug Gillespie said, “My hope is that the Scott case has shown the community that it is best to reserve judgment until a thorough investigation can be done. Although the Scott family dropped their lawsuit, at the end of the day we still have a family who grieves the loss of their son and brother.”

In consideration of the family dropping the lawsuit, Metro agrees not to seek reimbursement for legal fees incurred by the department.

from left Mosher, Stark and Mendiola at Scott Inquest.

Scott, a West Point graduate, was killed by Metro Officers William Mosher,  Thomas Mendiola and Joshua Stark when they responded to reports from

Costco employees of an armed man acting strangely. Mosher and Stark were received honorable mention in the National Association ofPolice Organizations’ Top Cops awards. Mendiola, who was subsequently fired from Metro after being indicted on charges he provided a known felon with a fire arm, was not honored.

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