The Militarization of The Neighborhood Cop

Shock ’em, Blind ’em, Choke ’em, Shoot ’em

New Weapon For Police Offers Four Ways to Kill

Police officers have several options when it comes to using non-lethal force to contain violent suspects: tasers/stun guns, rubber bullets, pepper spray/mace and flash grenades.  Police take great pride when they use these methods to successfully apprehend a suspect with serious injury, congratulating themselves for their good work. But when the officers misuse these options and people die, it is always the technology that fails. And, don’t believe for a second that any of what police call non-lethal weapons aren’t actually deadly devices. They all have resulted in loss of life and far to often.

When these products take lives, their manufacturers are consistent in their assurances that, properly used, their products are non-lethal.

If only this officer wasn’t limited to just pepper spray.

The fatalities resulted from officer error, whether from lack of training or simple mistake, it was the cop in the field that was responsible, not the equipment.

So, what was inventor Joel Braun thinking when he began  developing a weapon that incorporates all four of these potently lethal devices. With the less than sexy moniker  “Non-Lethal Weapon Mount With Modular Weapon Component,” Braun’s multi-tool weapon combines four of the most common less-lethal weapons into one “Super Gun.”

The weapon has a multitude of triggers and knobs each controlling a different aspect of the device. The rubber munitions barrel is braided with  a spray nozzle, blinding dazzler, the spray and projectiles are held in a pack on the officer’s back, while the dazzler and stunner are powered with self-contained batteries

Officers have the flexibility of employing a single device or in  any combination needed to subdue a violent suspect through the infliction of extreme pain
Braun has yet to acquire funding, but anyone who does invest in this weapon should note that the decisions to use each of it methods on their own, taser, rubber bullets, pepper spray and flash device, have all resulted in death. With officer error being the leading cause in the individual weapons officers carry today, is a more complicated device really the answer?

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