America Under Fire

Cops don’t  want to even know

…about allegations of misconduct

When a Henderson Police Officer was captured on video repeatedly kicking a motorist in the head police supporters tell us these are “isolated incidents.” This video seems to contradict the tired “isolated incident'” argument  that police departments and police unions always fall back on, as the same result to citizen attempts of filing a complaint against police is repeated over and over.

How many times does something have to happen before  we stop calling  these incidents “isolated?”

Guess What’s Striking Fear in the Hearts of Law Enforcement officers across the country.

It’s not just guys with guns that scare the bejesus out of police offices As we see here, and here and again here, cops face even a more dangerous group of enemies than we could ever imagine, the family dog.

Think of the worst person you know.

Now take away reason and accountability

What happens when you give a man power, a gun and no repercussions. This has to be why police officers commit sex crimes about three times more often than the general public

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