Former Clark County District Attorney Knew Metro Felt Yant Was Criminally Negligent In Cole Shooting

Recently retired Metro Homicide Detective Lew Roberts says he felt Bryan Yant’s action could have criminally prosecuted,and told former DA just that during a meeting attended by Sheriff Douglas Gilespie. Roger, who is currently making six figures a year working for the Union that represented Yant throughout the inquest, has not denied Robert’s account. Stating he just “can’t recall” such an meeting.

Roberts, who worked more than 100 police shootings says, that while Metro does outpace the rest of the nation in fatal officer involved shootings, its not just the amount of shootings, but the circumstances surrounding them that have shocked the public. He says Metro has done nothing to address this issue, and that he hopes the current federal study into Metro’s use of force policies.×240/139313918.swf

It’s a chilling and telling thing to note that the Review Journals public comments about Robert’s insight has taken quite a different tone than comments received when the RJ ran a lengthy article on Robert’s accomplishments with Metro just prior to his retiring. In just a little over two months, Roberts went from being touted as a model officer and credit to the Department to being a lazy, incompetent result of affirmative action quotas.’

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