This Is Not The America Our Forefathers Died For!

Clark County, Nevada is not alone in the increasing danger inherit in the erosion of our civil rights and the militarization of police. From time to time I will provide links to how these issues are affecting other communities across the nation……


To have a passport is privilege, it’s not entitled to you by citizenship

If you need a passport to leave the country, then that means we are not entitled to leave the country?

Fox 31 KDVR, has this shocking report of how the “War on Terror” is now the “War on Americans.”

DENVER — A Denver family was supposed to be in Belize this week enjoying a beach getaway with their loved ones. Instead, they’re in a hotel room in Dallas, TX because an American Airlines official there claimed they had a mutilated passport.



Small Texas town fears police influence is out of control!!!

Covington City Council member Marty Smith say the small town he loves is no longer as  safe place. ” [We]are scared to death now,”  he said “[We]  lock [our]  doors, they lock the car doors because [we] are scared of the police.”

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