Rather Than Fire a Dangerous Officer, Henderson Chief of Police Resigns

Chief Chambers Must Wonder How a Public

That Ignored an Officer Who Committed Murder

Would Find a Few Kicks to The Head So Outrageous

Former Henderson Chief of Police Jutta Chambers

Considering the residents of Henderson barely batted an eye when Henderson Police Officer Edward Little killed his lover’s husband in the man’s own home, Chief Jutta Chambers had no reason to anticipate the level of outrage which surfaced earlier this year after the video of HPD Sgt. Brett Seekatz repeatedly kicking a critically ill man in the head was made public.

That’s the power of video and taxpayer outrage. The vicious 2010 beating Adam Greene received at the hands of several HPD officers was caught on tape and cost taxpayers hundreds of thousands of dollars, while Little’s ambush shooting of Ruslan Zhgenti had no video and did not result in legal action against the city. The fact Little’s victim was a Russian immigrant seemed to make it far too easy for the public to ignore the incident.

Oddly, it wasn’t Chambers’ decision to protect a killer in her midst but rather her choice to help cover up the actions of a cop that have actually become common place that was her undoing. Her decision to cover up police conduct routinely seen on Cops, has cost her job and tainted her legacy as the first woman Chief of Police in Nevada. I wonder if she feels Seekatz was worth it. Will she find solace in knowing  he is free to patrol her streets, that, Heaven forbid, she suffers from a medical crisis while behind the wheel that Seekatz will be there to kick her in the skull.

Screen Capture of Sgt. Brett Seekatz Kicking Adam Greene

Most importantly, do the good cops who don the HPD uniform realize what a spineless coward their “brother” Seekatz is?  That Seekatz watches out for Seekatz even at the expense of his fellow officers, even at the expense of his Chief. When it became evident that the public would not excuse his behavior, did he do the honorable thing and resign? No. Did he do the brave thing. and seek public forgiveness? No! He let a woman take the fall. What an honorable man he is. I hope his wife and kids realize what a loser they have on their hands. I wonder if that’s the type of man his father raised him to be?

It would be refreshing to see the 99% stand up and demand the 1% get what they deserve. If only the police had the integrity, honor and American Values to stand up for what’s right.

Now before you start feeling too sorry for Chambers, keep in mind she will receive will over $200,000 upon her retirement. That’s in addition to her Public Employees Retirement System payments that will exceed $130,000 every year, for the rest of her life.

3 thoughts on “Rather Than Fire a Dangerous Officer, Henderson Chief of Police Resigns

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  3. Murder of Ruslan Zhgenti was not even investigated at all. For example, the next door neighbor who heard shots, clearly said that there were four shots fired, two shots, then pause, then two more. And that female neighbor somehow related to weapons. She knows what she’s saying. However, officer Little stated on his, one and only, interview at police department, that he “was like boom boom boom boom. According to him, Ruslan walked inside the master bedroom with the gun in his hand and pointed at Little right away. Then Ruslan holded Little at gun point, aiming at his head and chest. Little’s gun was behind him and was on safety. So, Little had time to reach for it, grabbed it properly, put it of safety, pointed it at Ruslan and then shot at him four times, including one in the head, which was hit shot. Detectives, who were attached to this case didn’t pay attention to no details at all. They were ordered to conclude this case quickly, before it went public and cause big troubles.
    I do have the entire case in my possession and I have read it many times. And there are many things which will make anyone surprised that they even called it an interview.
    I am Ruslan’s younger Brother, Timur. Its been 3 years and 6 months since this murder took place, but I will not stop until they( there are three of them) will be brought to justice. They all played key part in this murder. One sent him there, another made sure the armed guy will be there, and the armed guy did his part, and was very confident about it.
    Ruslan was 38 yars old, and left his baby boy, Tolik, in arms of evil and such family and surrounding.

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