Has The Henderson Chief of Police Been Forced to Resign?

Henderson Police Chief Jutta Chambers was asked to resign Monday in a formal request from outgoing City Manager Mark Calhoun, according to an article in the Las Vegas Review Journal.

The RJ is reporting a source within city government told them Chief Chambers was “asked” to resign Monday. This turn of events comes in large part due to a recent settlement the city paid to Adam Green and his wife as a result of an October 2010 incident where  Henderson Sgt. Brett Seekatz kicked Greene in the head five times after he was clearly subdued by several other HPD officers. Seekatz and the other HPD officers claimed Greene was resisting and can be heard shouting “Stop Resisting” multiple times during a video of the incident captured on a Nevada Highway Patrol car’s dash cam.   The problem with their account is that Green was in the throes of a diabetic coma the entire incident. A fact the video clearly substantiates.

While there has been no official word from the city about Chambers “resignation.” Bud Cranor, a spokesman for the city did say that the duties of  the police chief were in the hands of Deputy Police Chief James White, while Chambers was on “vacation.

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