Henderson Mayor Offers Tired Cliches Over Greene Beating

Henderson Mayor Andy Hafen dusted of the tried and true “isolated incident” cliche  in what is the first (and so far only) public comment on the beating of Adam Green  since the Henderson  City Council since it approved a $158,000 settlement with Greene, 38, on Tuesday.

In a prepared statement Hafen said, “”What happened to Mr. Greene was wrong and we regret the pain and suffering that he and his family endured because of it,” Hafen said in a prepared statement. Hafen tallked about the hundreds of calls HPD responds to without a video record  any issuses each day and said the October 2010 video is not representative of “our entire police force.”

Hafen went on with the fantasy to say, “we try to hold our officers and our department to the highest standards of accountability,” which was an interesting way to describe a police force that has yet to charge one of its officer’s for his role in the death of an innocent pedestrian last year.

HPD Officer Wavie Reed, a 10-year veteran of the Henderson Police Department was allegedly behind the wheel of the pickup truck that struck a pedestrian who was in a marked crosswalk at Ramrod Avenue and Mountain. The 58-year-old man died of his injuries the next day at an area hospital.

Reed, who was off-duty at the time of the incident has yet to be charged.



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