Officials Answer Public’s Demand for the Identity of the Officers Involved in 2010 Greene Beating

After hiding the incident from the public for nearly 18 month, authorities finally succumbed to public pressure and released the names of the officers involved in the 2010 beating of Adam Greene.

Greene, who was beaten after officers mistook is diabetic episode as non compliance with officer commands will receive $158,000 in total from the State of Nevada and the City of Henderson combined, while his wife will receieve an additional $99,000 from Henderson alone. The public was only made aware of the incident when the settlement was presented to the Henderson City Council for approval earlier this week. At that point the officer’s identities were still being protected.

Nevada Highway Patrol Sgt. Anthony Bandiero has been identified as the officer to initiate contact with Greene quickly joined by NHP trooper John-Sydney Cass who cuffed Greene’s wrists and pulled him from the vehicle. Neither of the NHP offices seem to take part in the beating.

That honor falls upon three Henderson officers, Douglas Lynaugh, Francis Shipp and Seth Vanbeveren, who beat the unresponsive Greene while the national battle cry of LE, “STOP RESISTING” echoes pointlessly into the night.

None of the NHP officers nor the three Henderson cops who initially swarmed Greene’s limp and lifeless body were disciplined. Only Henderson Sgt. Brett Seekatz, who arrives late to the altercation  but with much determination is able to kick Greene five times in the head received any type of admonishment. Yet the HPD has refused to say exactly what punishment he received.

All six officers remained employed and armed as of today.

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