Couple Receives Nearly $300k As a Result of Police Beating Kept Secret For Over a Year

For nearly four months both the Nevada Highway Patrol and the Henderson Police Department denied the public access to a videotape capturing officers from both agencies ruthlessly beating Adam Greene and then callously laughing about how  unnecessary it was to use so many officers to subdue an unconscious suspect.

Greene, who doesn’t remember the beating was suffering from diabetic shock when he lost control of his vehicle at the intersection of Boulder Highway and Lake Mead. When Greene did not respond to officer commands, they operated under their default programming that all citizens are a threat and need to be dealt with a rush of force and violence from all involved, including “Johnny Come Lately,” Henderson Sgt. Brett Seekatz, who doesn’t let his tardiness deprive him of the opportunity to land five cowardly kicks to Greene’s head.

While Green has been quoted by the LVRJ as saying he doesn’t want his young son, a diabetic as well, “to think that’s normal behavior to expect from officers,” he seems to missing the undeniable fact that in his life this is the normal behavior of the police. He doesn’t tell us about the other times when after loosing control of his vehicle due to medical incident that police rushed to his aid.  This certainly isn’t the first time cops have mistaken diabetic shock, autism, an epileptic seizure or some other medical condition as an act of aggression with the “It was just a mistake,” the cost of police keeping us safe in a every more dangerous world. All the while ignoring the truths that in any officer/public interaction the officer is four times more likely to take the life of the suspect than lose his/her own life, and that violent crime has been on a steady decline.

If even the least trained member of the medical community failed to recognize someone suffering from diabetic shock, not only would the public not accept the “honest mistake” excuse,  the medical community would in no way defend them as police officers and their blind supporters do.

In 2011 taxpayers were on the hook for $161,930.57 to keep this violent, dishonest cop employed.

3 thoughts on “Couple Receives Nearly $300k As a Result of Police Beating Kept Secret For Over a Year

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